What Features Do You Need In Professional Video Cameras?



If you are looking at professional video cameras you are going to need certain features. For example if you are a scuba diving fanatic and want to take videos underwater you will need the camera to be waterproof and have this functionality. An ordinary camcorder isn’t going to capture the same striking images.

If you want to make videos for YouTube, don’t jump to the conclusion that you need a camera that makes HD video. Most people don’t have internet connections fast enough to watch HD and so are more likely to click away from your offering than to wait for their connection to catch up. 480p standard definition is the way to go particularly if you want a lot of views or are using the video as a means of advertising your business and/or website.

You will want a quality external microphone. It is pointless buying professional video cameras with cheap accessories. You also want to be able to manually control the sound volume as this is the only way to filter out background noise. Poor sound quality screams amateur photographer. It will destroy the impact of your video and it won’t matter how good your picture looks as nobody will bother watching it.

You also need a manual focus feature. Some people mistakenly believe that automatic focus is the only way to go. But it isn’t. Automatic has a habit of drifting in and out of focus. Think of it in the same terms as you would the auto pilot on a plane. It’s a great feature to have but you want to be able to turn if off if you have to.

It is easy to become confused as there are so many different makes and models of professional video cameras with each one offering something a little different. Knowing what features you must have before you go shopping will help prevent you making the wrong choice.


Source by Chris Hartpence

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