The Top Five Underwater Cameras



Everybody is always waiting for the summer and for the holidays to arrive so that they can do whatever they want and go wherever they want. Therefore, you also have to turn your heads from the ordinary cameras to the cameras which have superpowers. Let’s see what these superpowers are all about. Here are some of the best cameras with the most special abilities: they are dust resistant, shock resistant and water resistant, but, more importantly, they are diving resistant. Thus, these cameras are perfect for all holidays in the mountains or at the seaside.

Apparently, the best underwater camera is Panasonic Lumix DMC-FT2. This camera is probably not a too big piece of news because most of the products manufactured by Panasonic are high quality ones. The thing is that their previous model, DMC-FT1, is also a highly performing camera and this FT2 only continues the tradition of the resistant cameras manufactured by Panasonic.

Then, you have SOny Cyber-SHot DSC-TX5, which is a very compact camera, very elegant, thin, impermeable and which takes very good underwater photos. This camera has a very intelligent panoramic shooting style and it suits any corner of the world you may think of.

The next model is Pentax Option W90, which is probably the best-known shock and water resistant model. Indeed, this camera is very well built, the materials are very good and the images, too, but it has its disadvantages, too, like the fact that you cannot zoom underwater.

Also, there is Olympus Miju 8010, which is the most resistant TOUGH model. This is quite a surprising camera and it is an innovation from head to toes. Last but not least, you have Casio Exilim EX-g1, an underwater camera which is also known as the little diver. This camera is perfect for an adventurous lifestyle and for those who want to take pictures in extreme conditions.

Having all these cameras at your disposal, you can now take all the underwater pictures you want.


Source by Jane Chaster

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