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Many useful gadgets in the market are the results of innovation and ingenuity. One example of these gadgets is a portable photo printer. Not everybody knows that there are printers that you can take with you wherever you go. Compared to other printers, these gadgets are designed to make photo printing a very convenient experience for you. Most of these gadgets come with features that allow hassle free operations.

What makes these gadgets any good? What would make people want to purchase these printers instead of professional photo printers? To start with, these printers are very small compared to professional printers. A portable photo printer may be capable of only printing up to 4″ x 6″ pictures. However, it is because of their size that they become ideal for customers. When it comes to gadgets, what’s hot is not always, what’s the largest. In the gadget industry, people prefer gadgets that are easy to bring anywhere. This way, these gadgets will be used more frequently compared to their large counterparts.

If we take a look at the portable photo printers developed by Canon and HP, you will notice that both of them are competing by putting in more features inside a small photo printer. Both of them already succeeded in implementing a small device that can print borderless 4″ x 6″ pictures. In order to compete with each other, they put in features like Bluetooth or PC-less printing. Most of their portable printers also have LCDs where you can have a preview of your photos before they are printed.

Yesterday’s portable photo printers can only print photos directly from your computer. If you look at Canon’s Selphy ES3, it comes with image effects that allow you to add borders or frames to your photo. You can even set your photos to look like calendars.

The great thing about owning one of these gadgets is that they are already compatible with most existing operating systems. Printer companies try their best to make it more convenient for users to use reaching to a point that these printers can print even without a computer. Some of them have memory card slots that allow printing directly from these storage devices.

Aside from squeezing in all the good features of a portable device, it is also important to keep these gadgets as portable as ever. As you can see from the trend of these devices, they are getting smaller and smaller. This makes them very easy to squeeze into your luggage. Some of them even have handles that will allow better handling. They are comfortable enough to carry by hand since most of them do not exceed the weight of 5lbs.

It is important for printer companies to realize that though these gadgets may offer a lot of convenience by being user friendly and small, quality still tops as the most important feature. It is important to be able to produce high quality photos, otherwise, there’s no point in bringing gadgets that can print blurry pictures.


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