Pictures Can Be Enhanced Using New Photo Lamination Technology



So you took a lot of pictures at your daughters wedding and had them developed. They are now discolored, bent and not very usable.

On the occasion of the happy couple’s fifth wedding anniversary celebration you decide to bring them out of storage and present them with the photos as a surprise. Sadly, you are the one being surprised – the photos have discolored. You place them back in their resting place and run to the mall desperate for a last minute gift.

The diverse nature of the inks and the technology being used to print photographs has made them one of the most difficult art forms to protect from the rigors of time, light, humidity and other hazards these precious, and sometimes valuable, memories face.

In addition, photo lamination will protect your pictures from all the mishaps that occur when handling photos like coffee spills, dirt, water, fingerprints or folds and tears.. The laminating solution has suffered as a viable solution to the problem of how to protect a photograph due to the inevitable problem of discoloration of the photo over time.

Even though laminating pouches used for photographs have been around – effortlessly used with any number of readily available laminating machines – photo lamination has not exactly been a strong suit of these modern-day home and office necessities.

These traditional laminating pouches have suffered from one major shortcoming in the protection of photography, that weakness being the nature of the chemicals used in the laminating material itself. With the wrong laminate, photographs can see a degradation of quality in the photo. The colors will be dulled our muted..

The advantage of the new technology is – even though photos may appear to be clean and whole, they do discolor.. It will happen – that is a fact of life – no solution has been available.

Until now, that is.

Today’s laminating pouches addresses the issues of picture discoloration. You can immediately preserve a picture by using new laminating pouches specifically and chemically designed for photo preservation..

That’s the good news for photographers – amateur or professional; the even better news is that these pouches work in conjunction with existing laminating machines meaning – no new equipment is required. The pouches themselves come in varying thickness, depending on your requirements, and sizes designed to fit most standard photograph sizes.

They are totally compatible with the inks used in printing photographs resulting in no harm to the photo and can be used with prints from inkjet or laser printers as well as photo printers.


Source by Garry W Jones

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