Dummy Cameras – They Can Work As Well As the Real Deal



When it comes to protecting your home or business, many people consider spending thousands of dollars on surveillance equipment. Although this is a good investment, many people can find they can save a lot of money while still protecting their place by purchasing dummy cameras. These are security cameras that look exactly like the real thing. The only difference is that they do not actually take video or pictures. They are not even hooked up to a system of any kind. You might be wondering how they work to protect your business or home if they are not even real.

The way dummy cameras work is that they make criminals or potential criminals think they are being watched. This makes many people think twice about breaking into your home because they do not want video evidence of them doing so. Even if it is in a private home, these cameras still can work because surveillance cameras do not cost all that much money these days, so virtually any home can afford them. Because of this, a criminal will not see that a camera is out of place if the home is not a mansion. For these to work the best, you have to make sure you place them in locations where an actual surveillance camera would be.

In the early days of dummy cameras, they were quite obvious they were not the real deal. However, as the years went on, technology has been able to advance to the point where even experts sometimes have trouble telling dummies from authentic cameras. They can be made to have blinking lights depicting motion or they can move occasionally. These ones tend to work the best because they are the most noticeable. This will make the criminal start worrying that they have been on camera. In addition, they will notice it sooner, so it can prevent something from happening because they will not want to be on camera.

When you use dummy cameras, make sure that you do not tell anyone that they are not the real deal. If you are in the office place, one person could slip up to another co-worker, and before you know it, the entire office knows they are fakes. If you use them in your home, a potential criminal could overhear you telling your neighbor you have dummies. You want to go about pretending you have the real thing going on.


Source by David B Hepler

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