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Taking pictures can be a ton of fun. In today’s world of digital cameras you can get a really nice camera for less than $100. A huge part of the fun is the end result. When taking pictures don’t just go for the normal shot. Take a photo of the same thing but change the angle of the camera and see how it looks. That is one of the great things about digital cameras, you see the shot right away.

Make sure to not just focus on the main subject but look around and behind the subject. Get rid of the ugly stuff in the frame and keep the good stuff. Sometimes this is done by moving the camera just a little bit up, down, right or left. Sometimes taking a step in one direction or the other will create a totally different shot and produce great lifelong photo’s.

If you are a little more advanced and looking for more than just a point and shoot camera, you can get some really nice digital SLR’s for under $750. I love the Nikon D90 and use it a lot. I got mine slightly used for $600.

Some of the advantages of the SLR are the interchangeable lens and controlling the depth of field. There are many many more advantages but I will save those for another article or author.

Depth of field… what you see behind your subject… the less the number the less that will be in focus. The higher the number the more in focus. The f-stop which controls the depth of field also controls how much light will be in the photo. the lower the number the more light and the higher number the less light. this will also effect at what speed the camera will shoot.

Don’t buy a nice camera and put it on AUTO and not get to know how you can effect the photo by playing with a few settings. Play with the f-stop, the speed, the ISO settings and the WB (if your camera has this). You can really change a picture dramatically by just playing around a bit. It will be a teaching experience and bring lots of fun.

Sometimes the clouds behind your subject are good and sometimes there bad so shoot from different angles and have fun.

The real fun part is sharing the end result. Have fun and don’t be afraid or in too big of a hurry to experiment.


Source by David R Gunter

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